Retire and Go!
Creating a retirement to envy
We offer

consultancy, coaching, training, and advice on creative retirement planning for employers, organisations, event organisers, and individuals.

For employers and organisations
Losing valued executives is always a difficult time for both sides, and especially for older employees, who may be nervous looking ahead.  Exploring options positively and creatively will ease the transition.  Our services can help this happen effectively and sensitively.  Employers gain lasting goodwill and enhanced reputation, from this easy way of outsourcing.
Retire and Go! offers coaching and counselling for employees leaving the organisation.  We can work in small groups or individual sessions.  These sessions are aimed at creating a positive approach  for a new lifestyle, based around turning vague dreams into achievable plans. 
Our extensive experience of volunteering  enables Retire and Go! to offer expertise in creating a strongly committed volunteer community to support your work.  Let us help you enlist  your retirees as your ambassadors. 
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For conference, course and event organisers
Let Retire and Go! take the headache from one conference slot, by commissioning our speaker to give a motivational talk about life beyond work.  
This unusual offering will inspire and enthuse some of your hard-to-please delegates, with real-life stories of retirement with a difference. 
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For YOU and people moving on
Our website is designed to give you a taster of what the future might hold, and how you can shape it.  The questions below will get you started.
Enjoy and feel inspired.
Get in touch to see how we can work with you, in the way that suits you.
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Forget boring - start living

Are you retiring?     Or starting to live?     All sorted....or not so sure?
  Let us help you find the missing pieces and enjoy life beyond work to the full.  
Let Retire and Go! take the boring out of sorting and shape your ideas into the new directions you were waiting for.....
Turning dreams into plans.....
It's too easy to dream, then end up doing  more of the same.  Let us custom-shape your ideas,  focus  on you,  and make the future sing to your tune
Supporting plans creatively....
Let us help you sieze the  moment and create  a future that is truly fulfilling.  

Beyond work.....

Retire and Go! is dedicated to helping you generate a new work-life balance, keeping the parts you love and adding fun, exhilaration and new challenges.
Retire and Go! was founded in 2012 by Christina Parry OBE  MA BA  FCIS.
We offer a fast-track process for focusing retirement dreams into action.   Your horizon of possibility is infinite, but locating the future you want can be frustrating.    The  Retire and Go!  approach is built on reseach and customer feedback, combined with unique experience in creative coaching, counselling and living.   
Christina Parry OBE  
+44 (0)7988 424152
Retire and Go! is a creative coaching, counselling and training service.  We are dedicated to helping people  achieve dreams for a positive life beyond work.  We do not offer financial advice or financial recommendations.
We work with employers to enable people to transition from work to creative retirement and retain employer goodwill.
We source speakers and facilitators for conferences and workshops.
We work with mature individuals moving towards a different lifestyle.   The Retire and Go! programme is  designed to identify new horizons  - ones that fit individual wants and needs  - and  suggests how to set about making the most of what is out there.  We start with reality and your options.  
We have specific expertise in volunteering, from both organisation and individual perspectives.  We offer consultancy and training for revitalising volunteering programmes. 
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