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Retire and Go! was founded in 2012 by Christina Parry, who wanted to pass on to organisations and people interested in life beyond work, what she had learned about re-thinking retirement.
Marguerita King started her collaboration with Retire and Go! in 2014. 

Christina Parry OBE MA BA FCIS

Christina Parry OBE MA BA FCIS  founded  Retire and Go! in 2012, to help people leaving employment create workable dreams and make them come true.   In 2014 she joined forces with Marguerita King, who brings a very different perspective and her experience of setting up a business and becoming an entrepreneur.  
Retire and Go! aims to  shape your dreams into workable projects that fit your unique style and life, building solidly on what you cherish.   A way to change direction and deliver on dreams, without compromising what you value and avoiding the frustrating dead-ends you haven't time for.  
Christina explains:  
'I have enjoyed a wealth of fabulously rich experiences since I officially retired, in  worlds I hardly knew existed.'
'I meet so many people who envy what they see as living the dream.  I am constantly being asked 'how do you do it?'    Talking through ideas and experiences, sharing ideas and news, is deeply satisfying, for me and for the many new friends I've made.' 
'Frustratingly there was no blueprint I could offer for getting the most out of this time of life.  And so many negative assumptions.   People simply didn't have the tools to widen their horizons and make things happen.  From many energising conversations I devised the Retire and Go! approach.  It can fast-track you into a re-invented reality beyond work.'     

The Founder's story webpage recalls some of the experiences that have shaped Christina Parry's vision of life beyond work.
Founder's story
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clpAssociates is a sister organisation, led by Christina Parry.
clpAssociates  offers consultancy services, specialising in benchmarking, complaints resolution, leadership coaching,  networking, and effective use of volunteers.
Marguerita King BSc DipPA

Marguerita King is founder and Managing Director of Personal-Assistant-Tips .  She is an Executive PA trainer and facilitator, a speaker, and consultant mentor.  
Marguerita works in collaboration with Retire and Go! providing practical advice on turning hobbies, interests and skills into viable businesses.  She  started Personal-Assistant-Tips after a career in commerce and the public sector, to concentrate on developing her own business, using her skills and experience.  Her passion is to enable Executive PAs to deliver their potential, and build their personal brand, through better and excellent  mentoring and training.
Marguerita comments:

'I could only dream ten years ago of  running my own business.  One that takes me around the world, from China to the Caribbean,  from Johannesburg to Papua New Guinea.   Turning dreams to  reality is happening for me'
'Leaving work is a priceless opportunity to reinvent the way you live.  And it's easy to drift into routine and more of the same.  Putting your  talents to best use by creating  a business can be a challenge without the right encouragement.  Kick-starting a new life is easier with help, especially from people who are concentrating on what  you want and can open doors.  Suggesting strategies, tools and resources  is what we do at Retire and Go!'

 Personal-Assistant-Tips is an independent organisation, led by Marguerita King.   You can read more on   https://about.me/margueritaking