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Whatever your business, losing staff is never easy, even where this is voluntary.  It is even more stressful when retirement or redundancy is unexpected and unwelcome.   Whatever the backcloth, employers have to manage the process, and the best employers are keen to treat their people as well as they can.  Let Retire and Go! help you create a reputation-enhancing opportunity for your organisation.  Retire and Go! offers a structured approach to retirement planning.
Get it right, and you will build an unseen army of ambassadors of former staff, their family and friends.   Getting it wrong can be expensive and damaging. 

Retire and Go! gives employers a cost-effective  chance to show they do better for their people.  We aim to give all who use our services an invigorated approach to a new lifestyle.  Handling this final stage of career development as carefully as you do your recruiting is one step towards transforming retiring executives into life ambassadors.  Lasting goodwill at low cost - a priceless asset in safeguarding your reputation.
Retiring Senior Executives will usually be offered access to retirement counselling.  Often these sessions amount to off-the-shelf packages based on  financial advisory services.   An essential part of retirement planning, but maybe not enough.  Your business can go the extra mile.  
Our Gold Programme is for people in pressured jobs who have left little diary space to think about life after work.  A surprising number may be dreading the thought of long days at home.  This is about turning fear into opportunity.
Middle managers and junior staff are too often in a similar position.  Left to fend for themselves, individuals may struggle to give shape to vague hopes, or lack the resources and contacts to fast-track a different way of living.  Our Gold and Silver Programmes offer  ways of showing your appreciation of their contribution, and signposts to a positive future beyond work.

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Gold Programme
Silver Programme

The Gold Programme comprises a one-to-one service, starting with an initial discussion.
This is followed by two to four follow-up meetings, taking your executive through the 'Go LIVE' approach to retirement strategy.  The discussions are entirely confidential, with take-away materials and follow-up action plans.
The aim is to provide a lasting positive mind-set to life when moving on from traditional work patterns.    We explore individual personality, experience, memories, and aspirations, using a range of well-established leadership  tools and feedback.  
All designed to give dreams achieveable shape and in a way that can make new things happen. 

The Silver Programme is based on a similar structure to the gold programme, in  shortened format.  The focus is an intensive discussion, introducing the 'Go LIVE' approach and materials to enable self-help follow-up.  
A further discussion by phone is scheduled, to talk through options and initiatives that have been identified, and how these might be used to their full potential.

Bespoke Options

Bespoke options are geared to the needs of individual organisations.  By their nature they vary in content and format.  
They have in common the Retire and Go! defining characteristic:   positive response to current and future lifestyle, created from personal experience and  skills gleaned from life in work.  

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Harnessing the power of volunteers  

Busy lives, social media and the internet culture are increasingly driving the way we work.  Delivering more for  less, and doing things differently are imperatives in every organisation.  One positive response is to harness the willingness of many committed people to act as your volunteers and ambassadors.  
Using volunteers successfully calls for a different approach in your people policies, and a culture that values and rewards your loyal supporters.
Our experience of working with organisations dependent on volunteer involvement is  possibly unique.  It spans policy and procedure, as well as personal roles as advocate, leader, ambassador, Chairman, Board member, committee member and trainer.   This expertise can help your organisation.  
We offer consultancy experience of benchmarking, volunteer service delivery, implementing new approaches, and training managers of volunteers.  

 Contact Retire and Go! to discuss your seminar, workshop, or conference slot on using volunteers successfully.  

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clpAssociates offers consultancy services, specialising in benchmarking, complaints resolution, leadership coaching,  networking, and effective use of volunteers.

 is a training and mentoring organisation for Personal Assistants and senior executive support assistants.  Personal -Assistant-Tips also  offers group and individual coaching.

clpAssociates and Personal-AssistantTips are sister organisations, led by Christina Parry and Marguerita King respectively.  

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