For conference, course and events organisers
Retirement with a difference is always an attention grabber, whatever the specialist subject of your event.  And even more so when the speaker has gone beyond the day-job and reinvented  work boundaries for the retired professional.  

This is Retire and Go! territory.  Whether you need an experienced independent perspective, or a 'blue skies' excursion into novel pathways, Retire and Go! may be what you are looking for.  We listen to what you tell us and create a session to deliver the content and style you have in mind. 

Because our reputation is based on identifying client needs accurately, there is no off-the-shelf model.  If we cannot match your needs we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.  To give you  inspiration, here are some themes that have come up recently.

To Infinity and Beyond

You too can do this!  We look at the ways ordinary people have done extraordinary things once they look beyond the NOW horizon.  We think about what it takes to get that buzz into our own lives.  And how to keep it there once holiday dreams have faded. 

Cold Comfort Farming

This approach explores the hopes and fears of life in retirement.  It touches on some of the ways ideas can be turned into reality, as well as  casting a sideways look at some of the myths behind retirement stereotypes.

Speed Dating with a Difference

  This session picks up some of the experiences that turned out not quite as expected.   We are always happy to hear from event organisers who are wanting to inject some light relief into their dense agenda.  Or who are stuck for a novel topic.

Leadership and benchmarking

Striking a more serious note, we can share our experience of professional leadership in different roles and organisations, drawing on source material from numerous pre- and post-retirement experiences.  We would like to explore with you the potential for benchmarking how your organisation measures up to the challenge of turning a retiring workforce into a participating community of supporters.