We offer

In depth programmes that take retirement options to a new level, for organisations and individuals.

Programmes for employers

We design tailor-made packages to add value in a cost-effective way to any 'let go' package or retirement programme.   These provide organisations with a person-centred  way to show valued executives your respect and commitment to their future.   Valued in their own right by individuals, they also offer a way to show caring corporate values in action.
Talk to us, and choose from our Gold Progamme, Silver Programme, or commission a Bespoke Option.

Volunteering consultancy and training

We deliver training seminars and consultancy assignments in volunteering, designed to harness the power of volunteering in your organisation, and to create an army of home-grown ambassadors in your workforce. 

Individual coaching and mentoring

We provide individual coaching and mentoring programmes for mature people moving on.   Based on the Gold Programme and Silver Programme formats, clients enjoy individual coaching, based on active listening, take-away activities and feedback.  The programmes are designed to give in-depth personal support, and create new directions, insights and enjoyment.
Our approach is based round the belief that after a lifetime of working for other people, this is the time to find out what will work for YOU.  Your own secret of a retirement life to envy.

Talks and speakers for events and conferences

We offer motivational talks about life beyond work, that will entertain and inspire young, old and the work-worn middle aged.  Everyone likes hearing personal stories, and we have lots of them.  We provide speakers for conferences, courses and event programmes, with real-life stories of retirement with a difference.   

..........  approaches that get results

Ideas and resources

Retire and Go! exists  to inspire mature people moving to life beyond work.  From the work that paid the bills and generated  working  life for decades, to a green field opportunity to reinvent what you do and how you do it.  A time-rich life sounds easy, and for some it is.  Others find retirement runs out of steam, time hangs heavy, and it is hard to kick-start plans.   We offer a way of looking at what you want from life and helping you shape experiences beyond the obvious.

This website is designed in part to act as a free resource for anyone looking for retirement ideas.  We show projects and stories from our Founder's personal journal showcasing some of the stuff that's out there.  

Please enjoy, and give us your feedback.
Founder's story

Gold programme

The Gold Programme comprises a one-to-one service, starting with an initial discussion.
This is followed by two to four follow-up meetings, taking your through the 'Go LIVE' approach to retirement strategy.  The discussions are entirely confidential, with take-away materials and follow-up action plans.
The aim is to provide a lasting positive mind-set to life when moving on from traditional work patterns.    We explore individual personality, experience, memories, and aspirations, using a range of well-established leadership  tools and feedback.  
All designed to shape up achieveable dreams  and in a way that can make things happen.
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Silver Programme

The Silver Programme has a similar structure to the gold programme, in  shortened format.  The focus is an intensive discussion, introducing the 'Go LIVE' approach, and materials to enable self-help follow-up.  
A further discussion by phone is scheduled, to talk through options and initiatives that have been identified, and how these might be used to their full potential.
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Bespoke options

These are geared to the needs of individual organisations.  By their nature they vary in content and format.  
They have in common the Retire and Go! defining characteristic:   positive response to current and future lifestyle, created from personal experience and  skills gleaned from life in work.
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Speakers - conference courses and events

If you are looking for input with a difference, with universal appeal, please talk to us.  Retire and Go! might be what you are looking for at your event.

Individual coaching and mentoring

Please take a look at our Gold Programme and Silver Programme, and at our Founder's story page, and see what feels right for you.  Then pick up the phone and give us a ring.
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